Jason Stelluto
Audio Producer/Engineer

12912 Falling Water Circle, #102
Germantown, MD 20874


Jason Paul Stelluto began his musical journey at the age of six when he took up the trumpet. Mr. Stelluto was named to the Alexandria All-City band, and the Virginia All-State band for four straight years on trumpet. In junior high school Jason developed an interest in the electric bass guitar and continues to play both instruments to this day.  

In his senior year of high school, his interest in audio engineering and music began to collide. Mr. Stelluto was offered an executive internship at a local recording studio. It was a unique opportunity.  One day a week of class work, combined with four days a week of  hands on experience at Bias Studios in Springfield, Virginia. It was impossible to pass up. "Imagine being able to be around real studio sessions at the age of sixteen, it was a dream come true." Taking his hands-on experience at the studio made the thought of going back to school full time, and college an uneasy option. Upon graduation from high school, Mr. Stelluto immediately took an audio engineering position at National Public Radio. "I graduated on a Friday, and started at NPR the following Monday", says Stelluto. "I was a seventeen year old injected into a society of thirty plus year old professionals. I credit the staff at NPR for teaching me how to be a professional in every sense of the word." During his time at NPR Mr. Stelluto went from intensive work for the News division (Technical Director for "All Things Considered", and Weekend All Things Considered") to work in the performance Programming division. During these years Mr. Stelluto worked with legendary producers Hal Willner, T-Bone Burnett, and Delfayo Marsalis on projects ranging from live jazz recordings at The Village Vanguard in New York, to session work in New York City, and live recording projects on the west coast. "What an unbelievable learning opportunity to work with so many great producers and engineers."  Stelluto states.  "I can't imagine where else I could have worked on a jazz project one week, a rock thing in LA, or a studio post session for a major radio documentary the next." In his time at NPR, Mr. Stelluto received the Peabody and Armstrong Silver awards for broadcast excellence. "At NPR I met and talked with four presidents, foreign heads of state, saw the wall come down in Berlin, and recorded music with some of the world's great artists."  

At the age of twenty-four Jason Stelluto moved to Nashville and started working for Asylum Records President, Kyle Lehning. "Kyle has been a positive influence on me personally and professionally," says Stelluto, "I learned most of my engineering and production skills from my association with Kyle and his colleagues. Bill Schnee, Billy Joe Walker Jr., and Mac Macanally."  

After three years with Lehning and Asylum Records, Mr. Stelluto struck out on his own. "I felt like now was the time, and when I met Clark Hagan, I knew that the relationship would turn into something remarkable." Jason and Clark formed Mark of the Dog Productions, and for the next three years, produced the music of edgy bands like Dreaming in English and Shun.

In 1999, Jason created his own production company, Windowpane Productions, continuing to support the alternative music scene with his experience and expertise. For several years, he produced independent artists Karl Straub and Jay Turner, among others. In 2001, he met Amy Jackson, who he would marry in 2004. Together, and with friends and colleagues, they have created original music, such as Flood Plain, Memiel, and two soundscapes, Summer Thicket and Unlikely Canvases, in addition to contributions to tribute albums. A Blues album with Amy is in the works.

With Windowpane Productions, Jason continues his dedication to excellence in sound production and engineering to this day, and is available for the development of new and ongoing projects.