I do.
But hope is not inaction; it is action.
It is voting and speaking your mind in the free world
for those who are not yet free.
For it is not enough to have a free economy
one must be truly free.

In WWII the leaders of the "free world", the Allies,
decided to agree before the war was over
upon the Four Freedoms:
Freedom of Speech * Freedom of Worship * Freedom from Want * and * Freedom from Fear ...

That astounds me. How very heroic and decent of them.
True leadership for the world even then.

That is worth fighting for.

Civil liberties, the right to vote, The Bill of Rights,
The International Rule of Law:
I believe in the foundation and leadership of all
of these fundamental rights.

I believe everyone on Earth has the inherent right to them.

Maybe because I was born with them, I believe that
everyone else should have them.
Maybe because I was born seeing the ravages
of the Civil War in Georgia
the Trail of Tears

There has been too much death now.

I believe we are headed for something good and true.

We have learned enough now to know upon what basic things we can agree.

I believe the culmination of this series, the Viet-Nam War series
is about Peace on Earth for me.

Not death and war ultimately, but about Peace.


You have to realize why people fought, why people fight

and what is worth fighting for.

Going forward. Peace is a choice. Don't waste it.

~ Namaste ~

Viet-Nam War X
Acrylic on canvas
22 x 28 inches
© August, 2015
Amy Jackson


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