Amy Jackson

Writings 2015

Digging Down

The earth is upside down
Not so you could tell
Gravity holds the streetlights
Upright so we can’t tell

I look to you now
For some kind of Answer
Hear it in your blue sound
Following another album down

Not sure I've found much more
Than more of your questions around
A look book, looking glass
Shimmering lakes of silences

Between songs and empty spaces
Infinite spaces
Opening where they breakI remember myself
And why I came here

The sound of gravity going
Down your throat
And up and Down the
Sides of the guitar

And the bass
They are all going down
In the end
Soothing the open ground

We've dug six feet down for it
But we feel as light as air
Empty as air
As if all of death had come

For all the world is
Upside down now
I’m just saying
We're just not saying

You just can't tell
Some kind of blue secret
You can feel it deep down
All the way to your feet

But only your eyes will tell

Amy Jackson

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