Amy Jackson


  • Ruby Green Foundation: This is where I had my first solo gallery show in 2002, and I was on the Board while I still lived in Nashville, TN.
  • SubMultimedia Re_search Lab: I collaborate on an ongoing basis on art video projects with Mauricio Martinucci (TeZ) at this multimedia lab in Amsterdam.
  • Paul McLean: I collaborated with Paul in Nashville, and love his artwork.
  • WordWrights Magazine: This magazine published three of my poems in 2001, sparking me to get out of the house and get my art out there.
  • Elisabeth Cutler: Elisabeth is a good friend of mine, now living in Italy, who inspires me to follow my creative dreams passionately.
  • Mourning Doves: When we first moved to Leesburg, VA, a pair of doves nested in our fern on the porch. I took this video of the Mom and two babies. The next day they all flew away.