Hell on Earth is the subtitle of this painting which has as its major inspiration
the splitting of the atom for the atomic bomb. This was iconic for Jackson
growing up in the 1960s and during the 1980s during the Cold War. Then
again during the discussion of the Iran deal in 2015, the threat of nuclear war
and weapons again are at issue, circling and cycling.

At the top is the mushroom cloud of a distorted Rain Forest canopy. It symbolizes a Nature
that is in distress. From gene splicing, some of which is okay, some of which has
gone too far -- to climate control issues, of which we all know, eh?
It's like the situation is not under control. Or, needs addressing, for I do believe
Nature when well stewarded, and then left alone, well, both, knows quite well
how to heal and regenerate herself/itself.

You'll see new colors on this one, the gold, the silver and the cream, for the
expenses of the war budget and the resources diverted toward the military

As the bomb cloud spirals, the base itself depicts for Jackson the art deco artists'
camouflage of WWI shipping and travel liners before the US entry into the war,
for fear of German U-boats, before the Lusitania was sunk. The black base
of the bomb cloud is death itself, and contains one lost heart for
all the lost hearts it spells for all of the wars ...

for why at this point in all the warring have so many died
in Viet-Nam alone?
world wars?
and I believe strongly in a secure defense against Hitlers and ISIS types
and those against civil liberties and international rule of law
because I am born into a democracy
and for me freedom is peace

I speak my mind freely

and I am a woman

and I am free

so I do say that although I am for a strong defense for these freedoms
the funding of the defense and the funding of basic human needs for the world's poor?

infrastructure, education, food production, solar and wind energy?

well, things ... priorities are a lot askew

we should pay our UN dues

we should do our best to de-escalate domestically in the USA and abroad

show the best of democracy through work such as that The Carter Center does
by assisting with election oversight abroad and disease elimination.
It's much cheaper than weapons sales and more effective
and is less likely to come back to bite us in the face later.

maybe art exchanges ... hee

culinary contests ...

we shall see

War is a Choice; Peace is a Choice ...

Viet-Nam War IX
Acrylic on canvas
22 x 28 inches
© July, 2015
Amy Jackson


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