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my roommate and i were driving away from Ruby Green waiting for Cloud Seeding Circus to start, when we saw these machines outside the machine shop down the street, glowing in the late afternoon sun. I was clawing at the window wanting to get out and explore them and we were laffin' ... what your laugh becomes ... i went back the following Monday night after work with my camera ...

five rolls of film later, inside and out, oh the rust and this rock cruscher and the general manager stops to say, you wanna know what that thing is? make yourself at home ... it's a damn good feeling the wind blowing me around and wondering about the focus, only two clouds marred after a rainy day but i hoped it would clear ... one trucker saying, hey kitty, ha! ... one guy sayin, you know what neighborhood you're in? yeah, but it's sunny, and he lingered with his six pack protective and said, did you get a good one, you think?

we had a wonderful multimedia show called "Unlikely Canvases: Random Dialogues between Man, Nature and Machine", at the Ruby Green Contemporary Arts Center with John Sharp's original industrial music, and Tez's video loops and randomizing MetaTrivid software. You can see a sample of the video on TeZ's site by clicking on Installations. if you've been here before, there are many new pics in the last section below, of these huge drills Chilton's had outside in December.





Amy Jackson, ©2001