Rusted Lot


My friend Luisa told me about this huge junkyard that went for miles and miles off Nolensville Road in Nashville, TN. One day Jason and Idecided to go out and find the junkyard to photograph. We spent an hour and a half going up and down the road, asking people for directions. Some people had heard about it but didn't remember where it was, until one man remembered that they had cleaned it up a year ago. Damn!

So on the way back into town, we stopped at this place with an old house full of antiques, and a lot full of rusty old stuff. I started taking pictures right away because the light was fading and it looked like it might rain. Jason went to the house to let them know what we were doing. He nearly ran back. He said there was a sign that said "protected by Smith and Wesson" and that he had knocked and no one had come to the door. He advised me to hurry so we could get out of there fast.

The lot was worth 2-3 rolls of film to me because it was so dense with rust. After a while we saw a young man come out the back of the house and pretend to root around out there. Then a bitter woman came up with heavy eyeliner and bleached blond hair. "What are you taking pictures for?" she asked. "Just for fun, " I said. "I love rust." She was not amused. Jason told her that he was going to ask permission until he saw the sign on the door. "Yeah, and I mean it," she said. Then she shook her head and went back to the house. I finished a roll of film just as the rain started coming down.

Amy Jackson

© 2003