Paris, 2014

In October of 2014, I was blessed to travel for the first time to a magical city,
well two: Paris and Versailles, during the week of my 50th birthday.
I also was able to take around 380 fotos while I was there,
in part to research for the hopeful some day film of my first novel Rebekah's Closet,
which came out in 2011, for which I'm slowly writing the screenplay now.

I must say also, that, although I did exact research from my novel for locations to visit,
and used the internet to research in advance and once there, as well as the proverbial paper MAPS,
none of this would have the slightest bit possible without the assistance
of French Links Tours, who helped us book our apartment and find our way around town,
including finding and reserving my 50th birthday dinner restaurant
personally met us at a cafe in town once we arrived in Paris and guided us to our apartment
gave us free boat cruise tickets
and helped us while we were there that week with little things we needed. Kudos!

To see each day of the journey, click on a small foto below, in sequence.

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