stream one



becoming part of the stream

is to become part of the breath


the words don't stop

coming through

they float and spark on the highway

with the red cigarette trails at night


like a painting that has escaped to three

new lives before you are done painting it

and even then it wanted you to stop

before you were done

insisting that even one stroke was enough

but you want to stretch it out

pin it to the paper, thin

uninterrupted chameleon skin


like Burroughs with his scissors

cutting up the words

throwing them up in the air

to fall, to pick to choose to recombine

combinations of combinations

cutting up the painting

and finding a torso


conversation circles rollercoasters

iced tea strawberries

ice cream and ham

glazed lemons

fried spam

lemon balm and fresh wounds

cariopteris blue and silver

purple lifestream


within and within

uniform and random apples



tumbleweed words

tethered only as chance

is tethered to time

and infinity


frog decibels

serenading irony

bird on a wire



it's a joke

is not a joke

it's a joke again


flip-flopping palabras penumbras

conundrums calculators

gentian swings


the redbud blooms purple

misnamed from the beginning


it's purple

when all the cars are turning white

because white is cheaper in the long run

it won't even stay


and today the cars

were mostly versions of red

four people wore the same

exact color to work


it listens, and redefines itself constantly

yet its core dna chip reads the same string of code


it is a dance of contraposition and ecstasy

and surprise

the richness of words and chance order

license plate numbers, vowels

metric and dynaflow measurements

formulas for baby's milk, nuclear freeze


it is the spiral of the waves around us

the interstice between cells, bubbles

and elements

it flows lighter than water

through all that

giggles in your ear and screams when you can't

making conversation troublesome


paradox finials turbines change


if you want to hear the poem in the air

there is a piece of skylight

you can hear

and you have a word in your hand

caught like a firefly

an image

glowing between your fingers

hear it through your eyes

in its angle

tangent current waves



Summer, ©1998

Amy Jackson





December, Dialectics and Physics



-- 60 minute universe

the physics of the art dialectic

newton's random apple eve

science contemplating the mind

the mind contemplating itself

like the flow where the

scientist can't know the frontier

of the brain juice


a string of cubes where each year lives

where each movie is a grain of sand

compared to the whole of experience

which is carried forward unum

hourglass timeglass cubes


the dialectic of philosophy and art

when the art is part of the soul

and the soul breathes experience


but the artists lived in different centuries

they just missed each other

somehow they converse

originate and respond

what bursts original and what from the

hearing senses absorbing

avant garde, native and movement(s)

libraries holding voices dry with spines

galleries present associations through your eyes

magnify silence and sounds in response

like fragments from the depths of the subconscious

coming through the wire

or colonial mirrors of the payors in fine paint

el greco showing their eyes soulful

cortazar speaking from the side of the bench photo

curls and spirals in his words himself


a pearl is formed of an outline with one crescendo

decrescendo creche, Jesus is born of a December second where joy lives, an instant,

a grain of sand, a grain of saint, a piece of salt, saltpeter peace

love mixed with all the pain of all those who have died for nothing, nothing?

and the love is perfect compost

wherein new babies form pearl bubbles at breasts

yet it weighs


incandescent the sky in winter broken opalescent lavender ices


the winter glaze in doom's eyes is shock still milk curdled cold

and something still still survives

it is ghosts living within you amid laughter and traffic gurgling


a leaf falls spiralling with variable factors: mass, shape,

position on limb, angle on limb, gravity,

air current on start, currents during fall,

this barring people, cars, tree limbs, other leaves, chance

the odd candelabra


as light as smoke, as heavy as that smoke from a cigarette slowly spirals

hangs in the air,

and falls, your breath into it steady creates a lower stream

which causes smoke to

stretch itself and curl like a cat's back,

or suddenly like a thoughtstream snaps --

a snowflake melts --



December 9, ©1998

Amy Jackson






smooth birds



sea's constant variations

smooth birds grab sandtracks

without jostling the horizontal



December 9, ©1998

Amy Jackson