an experiment:

words ... begun 7/29/00 



Off Main Street



Main Street is

dripping green leaves

the sun is apricot

we all just want to go home

again for the night

but this time it's Friday and

after dinner the card game

on the porch in the shadows

opposite JD's Market


the Side Pocket sign is outside

the Side Pocket is Open!

he knows all their stories

the first beer is fresh

and the pool balls clack

into each other

with something like




© 8/25/00

Amy Jackson




First Snow



snow came last night

and sanctified everything


i know what's underneath

for now a world of grace


last night i bundled up and

walked with it falling on my

face, the most delicate

touch, intense and safe


Christmas lights strung outside

some houses, a couple decorating

a tree


lights, reflections


causing the sky to glow

lavender above the

football game

echoes of the crowd, waves

peach, burgundy above quiet

dark houses, softening slowly


not night, then




© 12/2000

Amy Jackson